Socialist Party Resignation Statement

by dublinmarxist

*This blog was not set-up to take pot shots at the Socialist Party, Trotskyist organisations or any Left organisations for that matter*

This year a group of us who had recently resigned from the SP felt it necessary to write a political statement outlining the reasons behind our decisions. We had all resigned around the same time and we felt that we had much commonality with one another. There was not full agreement on everything but generally we all cited the following key points behind our reason for leaving; a stifling political atmosphere, a lack of internal democratic structures and disagreements with how the Party was choosing to engage in the process of re-building the Worker’s movement. Generally speaking we felt that it wasn’t possible to ‘reform’ the SP due to the dogmatic and rigid methods of organising which it employs.

We began a process of regularly meeting and exchanging articles in order to fully develop our critique of the SP, the CWI and Trotskyist organisations in general. We met with others on the Left, current and former SP members to gauge their opinions on some of the conclusions we had drawn. Generally though conversation centred around what projects we, as activists, could engage in to implement some of our ideas. Eventually not everyone chose to sign the statement but certainly everyone contributed to the debates that took place. We decided to not rush into its completion until those who wanted to sign it, felt it was completed. Much of our activism within the SP had been conducted without much consideration and at a frenetic pace so we did not put ourselves under much time pressure.

The initial 4 resignations, which were first publicised in an article written by Craig Murphy at his own behest, were not coordinated but were considered. On the back of those resignations the SP leadership invited us to attend an open-to-all National Committee meeting, despite being aware that 2 of the 4 Comrades were away (in actual fact 3 of the 4 were not in Dublin that day). Upon reflection we should have asked for the section of the meeting to deal with our resignations to be delayed. In the end we decided not to put 1 Comrade forward to deal with all our resignations, probably also a mistake. At the time we were quite taken aback that some of us were being invited to a meeting that the leadership knew some of us were unable to attend. Also if the Party was serious about genuinely conducting a debate around our resignations they should have asked us for dates that were convenient. In part this statement has been published as a response to that meeting.

Personally I have a huge amount of respect for the work that is carried out by many Comrades in the SP. There is no doubting the huge amount of time and effort they sacrifice in fighting for a Socialist world. I hope that they and anyone interested in the topics discussed within the statement, are willing to engage in a comradely debate. I see no contradiction between putting my name to this statement and working alongside comrades from the SP in future.

Links to the statement can be found here: